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New Wholetones music : Life, Love & Lullabies review

If you have enjoyed Wholetones - The Healing Frequency Music Project in your life so far, then you will be so happy to hear this very exciting news...Michael Tyrrell has just released the elegant and soothing new Wholetones music - Life, Love & Lullabies   To...

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Telo-Essence II by Dr. Sears – review

Discover the breakthrough, youth-enhancing secret of Telo-Essence II  ...finally give your body what it needs! The topic of health and wellness is definitely one that fascinates me and is extremely important to me, as I'm sure it is to you too. Over the years I've...

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Ben Haenow Lions Lyrics and review

Ok, this song is straight out of heaven. But first, a few thoughts on Ben Haenow. I can't say his name without singing Crowded House's famous "Haenow Haenow don't dream it's over" which is perfectly also the essence of Lions. I'm definitely not the most reliable...

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Sticky: Bible Belles review : Book series for girls

  I can't think of a better brand new book series for girls today!   Click here to shop Bible Belles A refreshing resource of truth and real beauty for young minds Empowering stories that teach about inspiring women in the Bible A positive, truthful and...

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Hotwire review: Simply the BEST hotel booking app

I am in love with an app! I guess it is 2015 and our lives are reliant on such things now. That is surely the case when it comes to travelling. We have often stopped and looked at each other, in the midst of getting lost (even with GPS) and said - "How did people...

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Way Home : By Rachel Marie Vernall

I can't call Can't even write The same things keep me up at night I hold so tight Not an option to let go No way no way It would be like letting go of A piece of my soul Can't call can't write So it goes on an inner fight So many ways to communicate These days in...

Instilled : By Rachel Marie Vernall

Still sea you Made everything fine Still me you Stilled my heart every time Still I see Even gold still sometimes needs to be shined If you threw a nickel and penny 'cross time It would all make cents now Happenstance elegance No regrets just baguettes On the front of...

Lent : By Rachel Marie Vernall

Best things in life aren't free They were bought at Calvary We came to a hefty sum When the only good died young The hill is still there And He'll always care 2000 plus years Since away He went After He did Dad proud So now we are left To sing praises aloud For what...

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