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One day you will be walking down a little cobblestone lane of shops some place, and for some reason you will be drawn to this book.

You will pick it up and turn to the perfect page, the exact line we all hope to find. The honest one, brave or mysteriously resonant one, the stunning one that picks you up off the ground and swings you ’round.

Just remember, if you need me you’ll find me in the bookstore.




Muri Lagoon

Kia Orana! Looking back over Cook Islands photos, it's such a feel-good place, wow I miss Muri Lagoon and the wraparound veranda at my favourite rustic French cafe down the road. I warmly recommend staying with Pacific Resort Hotel Group it's the best and right on Muri Lagoon...Nothing like going down to breakfast under a white tent, sunrise glowing, pancakes, fresh juice, toes in the sand. Dinner by flame-light with live acoustic serenades and a fiery pink sunset. You haven't lived until you've heard the harmony at the local church CICC on Sunday. At the Saturday markets choose a shell to have engraved while you wait, or a pearl from the precious, shiny mounds of them and have it made into a necklace right in front of your eyes. Fly to Aitutkai, it is only a short flight away to take in 'one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world' with a blue one could only call #AitutakiBlue. It has its own popular passport stamp for you to collect at One Foot Island. You can also stay at the Pacific Resort Aitutaki to enjoy their other luxuriously designed tropical hotel. The elevated, open-air view at breakfast freshly inspires, above the pool that will adjoin you to sea and sky in its eternity style.



Books are like messages that have lost their bottle.
Floating around the world. Washing up on the shore of a life
at the right exact time.


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