A touch of Love – Galway, Ireland

Living in lines, with just a touch of love in Galway, Ireland

Walk right to the edge of Galway on the coast of Ireland and you will get to the edge of the world. Well, that is what it feels like. If you can catch a moment without rain – it is a kind wander out by vibrantly hued houses and a few dotted walkers along a […]

Edinburgh International Book Festival, Book lovers in Guardian Spiegeltent

Edinburgh International Book Festival Guardian Spiegeltent Rachel Bananas

You can probably guess that I could feel the love in this place. On entrance to the Guardian Speigeltent space at the Edinburgh International Book Festival a sense of wow unravelled. What effort they went to for such a temporary structure, a really good cafe and bookshop were swarming with book lovers too. Awe-inspiring. Firstly- […]