New Wholetones music : Life, Love & Lullabies review


If you have enjoyed Wholetones – The Healing Frequency Music Project in your life so far, then you will be so happy to hear this very exciting news…Michael Tyrrell has just released the elegant and soothing new Wholetones music – Life, Love & Lullabies   To listen to samples, read testimonies, purchase and find out more information about […]

Telo-Essence II by Dr. Sears – review

Discover the breakthrough, youth-enhancing secret of Telo-Essence II  …finally give your body what it needs! The topic of health and wellness is definitely one that fascinates me and is extremely important to me, as I’m sure it is to you too. Over the years I’ve done a lot of research, but this discovery of Dr. Al Sears has really made me think. […]

Wholetones Christmas CD review : Best Christmas ever !


Ho Ho Ho ! An early Wholetones Christmas treat is HERE  !!! The Wholetones team has surprised us all with the best Christmas CD for the best Christmas ever! At a GREAT price of only $19.97 (also available in super saver packages of 4 or 12 for friends and family Christmas presents !) – find out […]

Wholetones Chroma review : New enhancing (light) therapy


Wholetones has just gotten a whole lot better… to check out the updated Chroma version click this link:  Wholetones Chroma   Improved definiton of colour and audio sounds All 7 songs are on one disc Plus a How-to feature on how to use chroma and the key benefits New High Fidelity Audio Mastered at 48k 24bit New option to […]

Bible Belles review : Book series for girls


  I can’t think of a better brand new book series for girls today!   Click here to shop Bible Belles A refreshing resource of truth and real beauty for young minds Empowering stories that teach about inspiring women in the Bible A positive, truthful and meaningful influence in young lives Perfect birthday gift for friends kids and other […]

Matcha Source review – Put your Matcha where your mouth is

YESSS I do love Matcha!!! To buy YOUR Matcha Source Click here I read about it months ago and so went and found some to try. The thing is, I couldn’t get past this one good fact – one cup of Matcha Source tea is worth TEN CUPS of regular green tea. So…What is Matcha Source […]

Brucie (the dog) loves Wholetones!

wholetones-review -pets

Wholetones is also for Pets!?! Introducing Brucie, the coolest dog I have ever met. I have enjoyed hanging out and getting to know him this past month while I have been staying here in the lovely summery London, UK. Brucie has a firecracker personality. He is so playful, fun and also so affectionate and thoughtful. Having (unfortunately) never owned […]

Wholetones review: part THREE – still loving it!!

  Wow. Well, I couldn’t stop myself from typing out this part three of my Wholetones review. I have discovered some more Wholetones ‘gems’ and decided last night that they’re too special for me to not share. So often I have moments of just loving my Wholetones and so here is my heart burst… For the last […]

Wholetones – The Sound of Healing : Book Review

WholeonesThe sound of healing book review

The Sound of Healing – by Michael Tyrrell Wholetones review – Part 2 …there has been much talk about: Wholetones – The Healing Frequency Music Project. You can read my first review here. I would like to further the discussion by introducing Michael Tyrrell’s The Sound of Healing – the book that you will receive when […]

Wholetones Review – The Healing Frequency Music Project

wholetones-review -pets

Once in a while, something comes across your path that you reluctantly take a second glance at, which turns out to be quite amazing. I recently opened an email from a promoter of health and well-being and was actually quite turned off by the words used to promote Wholetones – so I would like to […]