Citizen – lyrics By Rachel Bananas





Citizen – by Rachel Bananas

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I hold a passport to your heart
From the days of youth

Been around the world on it
Written every song with it

I’ve stamped every page
And now at an age
To enter
But you won’t let me in

I’m not a citizen

Of your heart

I’ve sat at your airport
After hours of flight
Watched the planes
Passengers rush in

Behind the gate
I wait and wait

“It was a gift” I say
“Given back in a day
When love was written
And stamped and signed”

Your people stand guard
They’ve multiplied
The gates won’t surrender
I’ve racked my mind.

I hold the passport to your heart
Without expiration
Only a declaration
From a time when you were sweet
And chose carefully who would enter

I watch them hand over their
Visitor visas
People pleasers
Waste of time teasers

I stay behind
Watch you greet them blind
They spend nothing then
Take everything
Robbing your land
Then return again

It’s a trip I wish to take
It won’t be a mistake
I’ve every stamp but yours
The only one that will
Say truly
Speak clearly
Stamp faithfully



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