Dream Template review : Building your dream home(page)


As a business owner, entrepreneur, artist, human being… you already know the importance of your online world.

Your ‘online home’ as I like to call it, is your second home. It should reflect your purpose, passion and promise.

This is a continual work-in-progress, as are most houses! DIY is as common as washing the dishes these days – which means an increase of quality options.

May I present Dream Template the name really says it all.

Keep in mind, the difference between your actual physical house that you live in and your own website is not much.

Your website, like your physical home, is a place you should want to go and spend time. 

Because one thing is for sure, if you don’t want to hang out there, no one else will. The good thing is, making a website that works is pretty simple if you know where to look…

Show me some Dream Templates now

  Template = creating your website’s custom look and feel.

The template (functional interior design) of your website needs to look sharp and be user-friendly.


On a side note: My personal preference when it comes to template technology is Wordpress.  If the template is the interior design, WordPress is the ‘foundation’ and ‘timber-work’ of your site. WordPress is popular for being extremely easy to use and flexible for designing, plus it is brimming with compatible-template options.

Good news: Dream Template has many WordPress options. Tailor your search to check out those first…a few things to think about while looking at Dream Template:

  • Be conscious of your main content (mainly images, copy or products?)
  • What does your brand look like?
  • What is your main message to your readers/audience?
  • Does it feel like a place you want to spend time in?
  • Does it need to be mobile-optimized (the layout automatically changes to be conveniently navigated around by people on their mobile phone?) The answer is usually yes.
  • Lastly, you can change it! Freshen it up, mix it up every so often – so don’t get too hung up on the look of it.
  • Are the ‘bones’ of the template what you need to increase your business?
  • Do your friends and family give it the thumbs up?
  • If what you want in a website is complex, ask a programmer if this is the best template for your complete website vision. It is amazing what can be built on top of what you start with. I have a few websites that are still mostly in my head!
  • Write out your website goals, will this template be compatible with your purpose, passion and promise?
  • Take the pressure off. Some parts of your website you are allowed to not be 100% happy with. For example: I just haven’t been able to get my Store the way I want it yet…but it will happen!
  • Lastly, as always – just go with your gut.

Happy template shopping – this is the fun part! if you have any other tips for choosing a template, share below.

Thanks a bunch!

All the best, Rachel Bananas.


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