Best things in life aren’t free

They were bought at Calvary
We came to a hefty sum
When the only good died young

The hill is still there
And He’ll always care
2000 plus years
Since away He went
After He did Dad proud

So now we are left
To sing praises aloud
For what He did
Just what it meant
Livin’ in a world scratching its head
At #lent

They’re starting to wonder
A God-breathed book
Genesis to Revelation
About Love becoming one of us
That is what He meant

His love songs
On every airwave
In every day this heart beats
I find another clue
Another reason to believe in You
Really actually everywhere endless reasons for loving You
Not just about no meat no sweets
Without bread or internet
It’s a heart driven back to You
Noticing what You do
You’re always here
Always care
As they say
Just a prayer away

When I think of You as a
The kind of man You are
And now where You are
Groom awaiting His bride
Love story of all time

For what other reason
Would You choose to die
You want us by Your side
Not just a nice sentiment
Forever is what You meant

That’s what I want to think of
These things I’ll live and breathe
One day we’ll say
Our lives on earth
They came and went

You’re the meaning of it all
To love You more
To know You more
Make You our all
Is what we mean at lent

By Rachel Marie Vernall

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