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Rachel Bananas Fine Art

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“Bon Anniversaire!” Penfolds 2001 – Paris 2012

I had my precious bottle of wine, a gift that I had saved from my 21st birthday - to open on my 30th. Penfolds Vintage 2001, a Red that would be opened on a special day found itself all the way from NZ in the famous city of love. We walked, wandered,  lingered,...

Today was a fairytale – Hever Castle in Kent

The castle grounds were covered in snow, turning the lake to a sheet of ice. Exotic garden ornaments and games of archery adorned the surroundings of Hever Castle, making it a perfect place for a lazy Sunday walk. In my opinion the real fun started inside the castle...

Swans on the lake – Hyde Park London

The grandeur of these swans speak of the Crystal Palace, a temporary structure that stood nearby in 1851 to hold The Great Exhibition. This famous exhibition was the first in a world-series, which held works of industry of all continents. This pretty piece of lake,...

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