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Rachel Bananas Fine Art

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Hello & Welcome to Rachel Bananas

Rachel Bananas is a tropical princess who was born into the lush coastal atmosphere of sunny Surfers Paradise. When she was still very young she moved to another little island called New Zealand where she would grow up. "...Rachel Bananas!" Is the loving, childhood...

Citizen – lyrics By Rachel Bananas

    Citizen - by Rachel Bananas Listen on SoundCloud     I hold a passport to your heart From the days of youth Been around the world on it Written every song with it I've stamped every page And now at an age To enter But you won't let me in I'm not a citizen Of your...

Wholetones review: part THREE – still loving it!!

  Wow. Well, I couldn't stop myself from typing out this part three of my Wholetones review. I have discovered some more Wholetones 'gems' and decided last night that they're too special for me to not share. So often I have moments of just loving my Wholetones and so...

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