Matcha Source review – Put your Matcha where your mouth is


Matcha Source for matcha green tea powder


YESSS I do love Matcha!!!

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I read about it months ago and so went and found some to try. The thing is, I couldn’t get past this one good fact – one cup of Matcha Source tea is worth TEN CUPS of regular green tea.

So…What is Matcha Source tea?

Matcha Source offers matcha powdered green tea for tea, lattes, smoothies and baking.

Expect best quality teas and excellent customer service

It is the whole green tea leaf…but crushed down, ground down – so that means you get the goodness of the whole leaf in a powder form which is great for adding to smoothies or hot water, among other drink variations you may like.

I read that Samurai warriors drank it before they went into battle…which is kind of perfect really. I like to think of this at the beginning of a new day.

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I prefer drinking it as a tea made with hot water only – the matcha latte I have tried (a soy matcha latte) at a cafe in London while travelling and it really didn’t taste that good to me, but who knows it could be your new favourite, give it a try, that goes for matcha icecream and matcha brownies too.

I did see matcha donuts in Wholefoods though and that is one I have to try.

matcha donuts

Matcha tea for weightloss

Matcha tips  

A small spatula makes it easy to scoop out the desired amount. You really don’t need a lot to reap the benefits, so the supply lasts very well.

You won’t believe how wide awake you will feel, like you “could run a marathon” – which my Mum said when I made her one. So keep in mind before bed time. After all it is worth ten cups of energising green tea!

If you love coffee in the morning to get you going and give you that extra spring in your step, matcha will definitely deliver in this department. The difference is, it is without that well known come down after the spike – so a more balancing energy source.

But hey – drink it as well as coffee!!!

Get the added bonus of all the nutrients of matcha and don’t feel like you have to give up your first love (coffee, earl grey) !

And lastly – savings – listed below for easy shopping.

Thanks a bunch! and enjoy

Rachel Bananas

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