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It’s about that one shot.

I usually know it just after I have taken it. That is the one photo I work for. That one shot is also the only photo that I present to my client, digital & framed.

Bow tie, Basket and Brolly by One Shot Photography, a Rachel Bananas initiative

The inspiration for this unique type of photography service came from learning about the Magnum photographers who are said to have thrown away thousands of negatives, holding out for that one shot. Quality celebrated. Job done.

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Getting your baby where you want it to be

What is there not to love about branding? Every single thing we do and say every moment, contributes to our own personal brand.

In your business it is to express a message through emotive copy and compelling imagery. Affective branding is Effective marketing.

PRAM is a service for your precious business (baby). Your business is something you hold very dear and desire to see grow and be nurtured to it’s full potential.

PR Art and Marketing is what PRAM stands for. It pushes your business and allows it to stretch out while moving forward. The main benefit is that your business will be supported and kept protected as it goes to new places. PRAM is a practical (copy and marketing/emarketing) and aesthetic (art direction and photography) vehicle that promotes the importance of maintaining eye contact with your ‘baby’ at all times.

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Art for hire

Rachel Bananas collects prints everywhere she travels and has a carefully chosen selection of contemporary international artist prints and paintings available for hire on a short or long term monthly fee basis.

To hire art or enquire about being a Rachel Bananas Artist email: rachel-bananas@mail.com


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