Brucie (the dog) loves Wholetones!

wholetones-review -pets

Wholetones is also for Pets!?! Introducing Brucie, the coolest dog I have ever met. I have enjoyed hanging out and getting to know him this past month while I have been staying here in the lovely summery London, UK. Brucie has a firecracker personality. He is so playful, fun and also so affectionate and thoughtful. Having (unfortunately) never owned […]

Wholetones – The Sound of Healing : Book Review

WholeonesThe sound of healing book review

The Sound of Healing – by Michael Tyrrell Wholetones review – Part 2 …there has been much talk about: Wholetones – The Healing Frequency Music Project. You can read my first review here. I would like to further the discussion by introducing Michael Tyrrell’s The Sound of Healing – the book that you will receive when […]