I can’t call

Can’t even write
The same things keep me up at night
I hold so tight
Not an option to let go
No way no way
It would be like letting go of
A piece of my soul

Can’t call can’t write
So it goes on an inner fight
So many ways to communicate
These days in these times
Still no technology
No invention to make it easy
For you and me

There’s people I love
People waiting on me
Want me to move be free
I don’t know what it is about me
My only allergy is mediocrity

‘Cause my Father in Heaven
Oh oh oh
He’s breathed in me
What it all could be

The kind of touch
Whisper ongoing
Feeling of belonging
Keeps me strong
Right down deep in my soul

Makes all around me seem so cold
His heat His love never grows old
It’s true
I’ll never be the same
You know

Will you remember and run back home
Don’t stop to think
Don’t stop don’t sink don’t slow
He’s everything you need to know
Waiting on you with regal overflow

Waiting for you just let Him in
What you’ve done just let it all go
With just one touch He’ll heal your soul
Make it beautiful
All beautiful

We’re supposed to feel it
Their struggle just as our own
Our hearts are one
One body one bride

When one falls
Pick them up in our stride
Listen as they confide
Don’t let them hide
Push all airs aside

Be true be kind
Our hearts all beat
Our hearts all skip
We’re all running out of time
‘Till we reach the other side
Watches aren’t worn by the divine

Can’t call can’t write
But I feel it inside
I feel you in the air of this quiet night
Prayers you don’t release
Your heart became watertight

Warriors of Faith
We will all fight
Help is on the way
All of Heaven sees you
You are God’s delight

Holy Spirit is an amazing One
Consistently overwhelming
Our Helper
In You we reside

To believe is a step
A walk towards God’s own Son
With just one look
His eyes
I’m undone

Love more than the love we give
I write it down
Heaven come down
Real love
I’ll write what I know
Treasure what You show
Hold what You bestow

Let every soul
Reap what You sowed
Two thousand years ago
Go where You go
And find our way home

Way Home By Rachel Marie Vernall

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