Wholetones Chroma review : New enhancing (light) therapy


Wholetones has just gotten a whole lot better… to check out the updated Chroma version click this link:

 Wholetones Chroma


Improved definiton of colour and audio sounds

All 7 songs are on one disc

Plus a How-to feature on how to use chroma and the key benefits

New High Fidelity Audio Mastered at 48k 24bit

New option to Play One Video or Repeat All

The brand new exciting package is  a DVD & Blu-Ray Combo which includes Chromotherapy.

When you click the link below you will hear more about how Chroma works on a special video by our favourite man and musician Michael S. Tyrrell. This new enhanced product has been especially created and approved to be used at home by Dr. Jordan Rubin, N.M.D., PhD with breakthrough techniques tested by Walter Reed Medical Center.

 Order your own Wholetones Chroma

I can’t think of a more unique and interesting, life-giving Christmas gift or birthday gift for loved ones.

Then come back and let us all know – how has the new introduction of chromotherapy enhanced your Wholetones experience? To receive a free Rachel Bananas poetry gift. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below – what is your testimony?

Thanks a bunch! You can also read all of my other Wholetones reviews here

All the best, Rachel Bananas


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