New Wholetones music : Life, Love & Lullabies review


If you have enjoyed Wholetones – The Healing Frequency Music Project in your life so far, then you will be so happy to hear this very exciting news…Michael Tyrrell has just released the elegant and soothing new Wholetones music –

Life, Love & Lullabies


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We have all been there…

This life-transforming and sleep-promoting new Wholetones edition is a gift that you can give yourself or your friends and loved ones of all ages, towards a dramatically healthier lifestyle.

You will listen to three hours of brand new, soothing, healing Wholetones music as you start your day, work, workout, relax, walk, flying on an aeroplane, bus ride, train ride, or as you drift off to sleep for a GREAT night’s sleep. Instead of the drums, this time there is a harp. Plus heavenly and heart-warming new frequencies used especially for those who have trouble sleeping.

Michael Tyrrell has a heaven-sent gift for making music that touches deeply the soul, brings life to the atmosphere and excites the senses. His music is like no other. If you are a music-lover too, I am sure you will agree that the Wholetones music collection is set apart as a treasure among the other music in your collection. It is also, in my opinion, the No.1 choice to encourage a sound night’s sleep.

From the moment I heard Wholetones : The Healing Frequency Music Project, I could sense a secret had been released, a “hidden treasures stored in secret places” kind of discovery. The thousands of testimonies about how Wholetones has helped and healed, keep pouring in are simply mind-blowing.

The new Life, Love & Lullabies is exquisite, thoughtful and very personal to Michael. I can always tell when the music I listen to is personal and heart-driven, can’t you?

It has a touch of love on it that you can’t describe – it’s heavenly.

The strings are so beautiful, the harp is a stunning sound, another timeless music project.

It is also another one for your pets!!! I have listened to it with a friend’s two usually-very-hyperactive and cute black Cavoodles and they were so in love with the sound that their noses were touching the speaker. They just lay there in another world, very relaxed, seemingly mesmerised – so funny! But true. Pets love Wholetones, they know an inspired sound of the Creator when they hear it.

Life, Love & Lullabies is a 3-Disc set – 6 songs – available as MP3 Audio Downloads.

There are a few Life, Love & Lullabies packages for you to check out HERE

Perfect for your music player in your car, kitchen and perfect for headphones too.

A must-have for every home!

A few words from Michael himself…”Before I share the song titles, I want to explain the name. Without life, there could be no love, and without love, there would be no lullabies.

Thus, there is life, and love, in every lullaby, and I can’t wait for you to experience these. Here is the list of songs:

  1. Brahms’ Lullaby (174Hz)
  2. Gabriella (333Hz) * I wrote this one for my niece
  3. Suo Gan (396Hz)
  4. All the Pretty Horses (444Hz)
  5. All Through The Night (528Hz)
  6. Angels All Around Us  (963Hz/120Hz) * I wrote this to remind us that we are not alone” – Michael Tyrrell

To listen to samples, read testimonies, purchase

and find out more information about Life, Love & Lullabies CLICK HERE

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