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Wholetones Review – The Healing Frequency Music Project


Once in a while, something comes across your path that you reluctantly take a second glance at, which turns out to be quite amazing.


I recently opened an email from a promoter of health and well-being and was actually quite turned off by the words used to promote Wholetones – so I would like to wave my own online banner about this interesting musical phenomenon with hope that the right audience will find out about it.



Wholetones is a music project ‘with a difference’ in that it uses seven musical tones uncovered in the music of King David. We now get to listen to the historically sourced healing frequencies used by David – the healing musical tones he used to soothe King Saul, while playing on his harp. All seven tones have been brilliantly woven into spontaneously recorded melodies and each have their own downloadable song track / CD.



Michael Tyrrell is the man behind the Wholetones music project. After watching all of the videos he features in, reading a lot about him and by him, I have concluded that he is just one of the most loveable, honest, open-hearted beings. I am glad that who he is and the things he wants to achieve are getting some great global exposure.

He is a special and heart-warming man to listen to, whether he is telling his own story of transformation, discussing the deeper issues of humanity or the butterflies in his backyard! He exudes passion and has a great gift for expressing it, bringing hope and making people feel at ease with just being human!

To me the most important part of music is always the person and soul behind it. With hand on heart, he tells of his personal faith-walk experiences which all emphatically point upwards, speaking of the certain inspiration for this unique music project.

He actually really reminds me of the beloved angel in the movie ‘Michael’ played by John Travolta! Not only looks-wise, but his very inviting and often profound, charismatic approach to life and everyone around him. His spirit-filled outlook is incredibly infectious.


He remains uncompromisingly humble – People say to him “Do you realise how big this is??” I will let you click through to read his stories and the process of how Wholetones came about, which is explained thoroughly on his website.

But as always, the music must and actually does speak for itself…


Two and a half hours of listening in total. That is 7 tracks of 22:22 minutes each, so I liken this musical marathon effect to taking a long bubble bath, walk in nature or a long, thrilling conversation. I have even doubled up and listened to Wholetones tracks during these therapeutic activities which was highly effective.

Ultimately it is best listened to in sequence:

Open Door > Desert Sojourn > The Key of David > Transformation > The Bridge > Great Awakening > The Majestic

The exciting part for me was the expectation of first listening to it. And this sensation hasn’t actually faded yet. This music is just another gift or invitation for God’s healing power to be released in our lives.

Get your own copy here


It is the best elevator music I have ever heard. Ha! No but seriously, one of the best things about Wholetones is that it isn’t the kind of music you grow out of or experience burn out from listening to it over and over.

It is incredibly versatile.

A Day Spa could play it, dinner party with friends, soothing a baby to sleep, walking down the aisle at your wedding, creating a peaceful atmosphere during pregnancy, setting the tone for church services, a great gym workout soundtrack- for Pilates and other slow-moving or long-distance exercises, studying, just off the top off my mind – but ultimately…

When I’m needing some alone time to process life, is when it has really been medicine to the soul.

Some of the moments in the guitar work and strings are pure genius, such beautiful sound. Each track also has so much meaning and a strong focus meaning written for it, which is explained on the website.

To be clear, the healing frequency is the foundation sound that is underpinning each track. The musicians have cleverly made music to dance all over it, making it a festival of sound rather than a monotone noise.


The all-too-popular question…does Wholetones actually WORK?

Firstly, this question is misguided. In the short time I have owned and have been listening to Wholetones I have had a few remedy moments. The first thing you will notice upon experiencing Wholetones is that it is a gift that lasts and is taken as a part of your journey. Some people notice major healing straight away and there are many testimonies to that. For me, I always knew it would be more of a slow dance kind of musical story.

Firstly, I particularly like the ‘Open Door’ track which is the first track. It is designed to help you wind down and shake off all the distractions and worries of daily life. These tones were historically played in the beginning of the church services as people would gather, to break down the walls and set the tone for a service.

Different tracks will resonate with each individual for where they are personally. This heavenly background sound is incredible for prayer as well, it ignites my atmosphere to pray with great expectation and joy.

The nature of the different tracks speak to different needs of our daily life, such as physical, inspiration, breakthrough, relational, emotional and this has all made huge sense as my personal needs always vary and have been different each time I play it.

A few notes to end with.

I listened to the Wholetones samples on YouTube for some time before purchasing and they were great in themselves. But when I took that step and bought the whole tracks – I was amazed by how much more I had been missing.

Also, I would suggest taking some time to read through the stories and watch the videos on The website and finding out more.

My favourite story is the meeting in the coffee house in Jerusalem – I can just see it – and these kind of ‘meant to be’ moments are what I live for.

The idea of living in the ‘Key of David’ is a pretty sweet place to be. So far it has awakened my inspiration and passions and also resurrected my own love for making music. So huge thanks to Michael Tyrrell for having the commitment to bring this music project to completion and for sharing your gift with us all.

They have all the details you need when you click the link below:

Get your own copy here


Get your own copy here

After you click through the link above, read more about Wholetones and purchase one of the Wholetones packages > come back and leave a comment below so we can also send you a special gift written by myself, Rachel Bananas. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with Wholetones music.

All the best,


Click here to read Part 2 of my Wholetones review: The Sound of Healing – book by Michael Tyrrell

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