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Wholetones review: part THREE – still loving it!!



Wow. Well, I couldn’t stop myself from typing out this part three of my Wholetones review. I have discovered some more Wholetones ‘gems’ and decided last night that they’re too special for me to not share. So often I have moments of just loving my Wholetones and so here is my heart burst…

For the last few nights in a row I have really gone for it and have had Wholetones playing quietly in the background all afternoon, evening and have even had the pleasure of falling asleep to the soothing melodies. I have left the whole CD of songs on repeat so they keep playing while I sleep.

I wasn’t sure how this would work out. Is it the same as those nature sounds, thunder and lightning, beach waves, rain on a tin roof for aiding sleep? I would say even better. I can safely say that each time I have had an incredible sleep and have woken up feeling amazing thinking – what happened during my sleep that I feel this good?

I am fascinated by how the sound of Wholetones has affected my sleep rhythm, dreams, peace in my sleep and depth of my rest.

This means so much to me because my life right now is full of travel and fast-paced, scenes and sense of space constantly changing. This has naturally affected my sleeping patterns. When it had come to winding down, my mind sometimes felt very awake and my body restless. This is also due to the fact that I talk a lot to people on the other side of the world who are awake when I should be sleeping. I was wondering what I could do to improve my sleep. To fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and wake up feeling fresher, fully rested and ready to go.

Since I have incorporated Wholetones into my bed time, I have been so surprised. It is almost like it was made to be used for this!

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In my first review I talked about not getting tired of the sound of the Wholetones songs. It has been months now and I still feel that way. I still really look forward to putting on the familiar and home-like sound and soaking into them. They have become a large part of my life. My fiance and I have talked about the price of Wholetones being more than your usual CD purchase. We have concluded, this is the reason why!

It is so much more than just another CD in the music collection. It is a saving grace, an anthem for good living, good choices and creating a healthy atmosphere that is healing.

Yesterday, when I had Wholetones playing for hours longer than usual, my fiance said “This is a really relaxing afternoon, I wonder if it’s because of the Wholetones playing.” I loved it when he said that – I am sure you will hear this a lot from people too. It literally did set the tone of the atmosphere for us which continued on into the evening. To clarify, we found ourselves feeling particularly carefree, playful, full of joy, laughter and an overwhelming sense of peace between us. Just incredible.



I know this will be an ongoing testimony and there will be many more personal discoveries which I will share.

I will end on a very personal note, which came to me last night…

The same thought kept popping into my mind throughout the evening. As the Wholetones songs kept playing in the background over hours, I realised that this is what it is supposed to be like. The consistent melody, the constant song, just like the angels chorus in heaven.

More to the point – our heart is to be set at this same consistent, constant state of worship. I could feel myself being reminded over and over again of the constant presence of God. It also reminded me of Brother Lawrence’s ‘Practising the presence of God’ – the ultimate goal. It became the foundational importance, no matter what else was going on.

Get your own copy of Wholetones

After you click the link above and purchase your own Wholetones, make sure to come back and leave a comment so we can send you a Rachel Bananas poem as a gift!

All the best and thanks a bunch! Rachel Bananas

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