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Wholetones – The Sound of Healing : Book Review


The Sound of Healing
– by Michael Tyrrell

Wholetones review – Part 2

…there has been much talk about: Wholetones – The Healing Frequency Music Project. You can read my first review here.

I would like to further the discussion by introducing Michael Tyrrell’s The Sound of Healing – the book that you will receive when you purchase your own Wholetones package. It will come in either a hard copy or downloadable version depending on the package you buy. Get your own copy here

To unpack the title of the book, let me quote the CEO of Barton Publishing –

“Spontaneous healings, mended relationships, increased productivity, vibrant health, spawning of creative ideas and a general sense of calm and peace”


“Here are some bullet points of the most amazing Wholetones testimonials we’ve received from people so far-

• Pancreatic tumor gone
• Kidney damage repaired
• I can’t stop breathing deeply
• I sleep deeply
• Feeling of God within
• Sounds like Angels
• Eyes are clear & bright
• Slept like a babe
• More calm & relaxed
• I don’t want to listen to anything else
• Life turnaround in 1 week
• Chronic headache relaxed and improving each day
• Helps me relax, focus & sleep better
• Spiritual connection
• Migraine decreases
• Tinnitus gone
• Serene & accepting
• At peace with family members
• My DOGS are so relaxed
• Best sleep in years
• Depression lifted
• Trauma patient instantly relaxed
• Better sleep & less stress
• Productivity at work
• Wholetones used for Autism
• Anxiety gone
• It’s my medicine
• My knees became warm
• These songs have opened my heart
• Lupus: in just 2 days my energy is completely restored
• Woke up without the searing pain in my back
• PTSD & anxiety replaced by calmness
• Lucid dreams & stomach pain gone!
• My students are calmer and less stressed
• Wife snapped out of a funk
• Concentration and creativity soar!
• My dogs love it!
• Completely normalized my sleep schedule
• Relaxes my hyper ADHD son
• Improved focus, lower blood pressure
• Removed energetic imbalances
• Anger replaced with sleep
Blessed to be a part of this project. It’s like nothing I’ve ever been a part of before. God is truly IN these frequencies and in this music.”

I don’t think I will be the only one who was so excited about the music part of the Wholetones package that it took me a while to get around to reading the book! I wish I had read it sooner, right at the start actually, because I see it now as a beautifully written road map – penned with personal insights about where the music is from and where it can take you.

I see the book now as just as important as the healing music itself, like the lyrics that usually come in a CD booklet – Michael’s words are written to go perfectly alongside the Wholetones melodies –

Get your own copy here

In my first Wholetones review, I talked about the character of Michael Tyrrell. Well, what a perfect way to get to know about the ‘man behind the music’

Only a few pages into his book, and I was warmly reminded of the heartfelt manifesto that Tom Cruise wrote in Jerry Maguire. The burst-of-passion kind of writing that is birthed out of a truly special personal season and revolutionary momentous awakening. The kind from which you can never go back from…

download (1)

FUN TRIVIA: Did you know that Jerry Maguire’s manifesto was actually

inspired by a real-life manifesto written in 1991 by  Jeffrey Katzenberg?

He was the head of Disney’s film studios at the time and sent it privately

to the other executives to inspire a ‘refocus’.

Wholetones – The Sound of Healing  is very refined,  a polished collection of ideas and stories that the quality of rich thought leaves not a sentence spare. I mean, wow! Here is my absolute favourite quote:

“I wrote this book for reluctant pioneers, closet revolutionaries, unsung heroes, undecorated champions, faint saints, poets that don’t know it, unknown musicians, writers, sculptors, painters and underdogs of all sorts”

I like the way Michael talks about the concept of Renaissance, a topic very dear to my heart. A recent trip to the Uffizi gallery in Florence has me still swooning over the paintings of the Italian Masters.  My favourite being Botticelli. The extreme outpouring, quintessentially bold and beautiful, the romantic essence of Renaissance was captured beautifully on those walls. Our own personal Renaissance, I believe is comparable to these works of art. We are made for revival. As you read the pages of Michael’s book you will feel a swelling in your spirit, an invitation to this kind of renewal.

The underpinning theme of Renaissance is a key that has prominence among the pages. It even includes a mini-history of some of the Renaissance figure heads – Martin Luther, Christopher Columbus, Leonardo Da Vinci and Nicolaus Copernicus. True pioneers of Renaissance – or Re-birth in the days they lived and breathed and moved about this earth.

It is written in such a way that you can imagine sitting down for a coffee and having a conversation with the author – you know, the kind of conversation where you walk away feeling like you have just solved all the problems of the world! Actually, I highly recommend reading it this way, with a coffee in hand! Really soak and relax into it and at the same time – let yourself be challenged.

It was about half way through chapter six, I also had the Wholetones music playing (the Great Awakening track) and the combination of the words I was reading and the sound I was hearing filled me with emotion to the point of tears. In this way, as I mentioned earlier, the book really is the lyrics to the music for me. The words he speaks resonate with the music he creates…

“In order to understand music, we will have to think of it’s organic beginning” or ‘God’s symphony’…

A babbling brook

A songbird’s tune

A baby’s cry

A child’s laughter

The ocean’s roar

A gentle rain

Wind through trees

The crackle of fire

The rhythm of a heartbeat”

The Sound of Healing is 96 pages of these kind of Michael Tyrrell gems, full of love and meaning. It is witty, light-hearted, inspirational and easy to digest – I hope you will be as moved by it as I was.

All the best,


Get your own copy here


Get your own copy here

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